Sunday, June 29, 2014


I miss you so much, my giraffelicious sisters!
We must talk more often!
I will try my best at updating this blog more. I have so many adventures to share, but so little time.

Spotty hugs,
Julie <3

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Julie at Hovs Hallar

This is Julie :D
I've missed you! Tilde is so busy all the time and I'm all bored... You might not think so, but stuffed animals don't have a lot to talk about. This stuffed animal parrot -friend of mine just keeps on complaining about how she wants to eat cookies but she can't cause she's always stuffed.

Now that the computer is free, I thought I'd share some more photos from this summer!
We really need to get better at updating this blog!

Anyhow, get ready for the longest post ever, cause here we go... MOOO....

July 26th 2013

Today we visited Hovs Hallar...

Tilde keeps on holding my neck for some reason...

Stop stealing my attention, cars!

I'm beautiful!
I mean... It's beautiful!

A... whatever-they're-called... I love them!

Seriously, this is getting annoying...
Mom, I can stand on my own!

When you're up high, surrounded by the blue sky, your thoughts tend to fly. You won't sink as long as you think. Imagine and (what rhymes with "imagine"?!) dream. 

What I'm thinking about? GUESS!

Mom! I said I could walk myself!

That's better!

Pretty view!
I'm a GIANT!
Ok, ok...
I spy, with my little eye, something called a...


This smells nothing like the plants in the jungle...

Oh, this looks mysterious..!

All the wandering made me tired, so I decided to lay down on some rocks.

The sun was very warm, though, so I got up to try to find a place to rest in the shade!


A nice place in the shade, where I can rest my hooves!

But the sun keeps chasing me!

Just like The Wanted!
My life is so hard...

I can't take it anymore! Leave me alone!!

Ahhh, that's better... The nice calm sea! And no stupid boy band I see!

Sniff, sniff... What is that?
Do I smell pancakes?
I have to find the pancakes!!
I ran off to try to find the beautiful yellow round suns that in no way remind me of The Wanted... Oh pancakes...
Sniff, sniff... I can smell it... it's sweet and so buttery...
I will find you, PANCAKES.

I continued making my way through the jungle, but when I looked behind me I saw...
That more people were after my treasure!

 faster than a lightning, I ran between the trees...
I was a puma on a hunt!!

Then I saw it...
This crazy woman was having pancakes! I wanted to attack her and steal the beautiful buttery perfectly round shaped flat cakes ask her for some, but hesitated as she would probably have gotten scared...
I snapped a picture of her and she saw me so I quickly ran off..!

Walking through the jungle...
I'm an adventurer!

I found a small and very cool tree!
I look so big next to it!

I looked around me...
The view was very stunning!

Mom is photobombing me...

Next to me were some pretty flowers...
They smelled really good!
So I sat there under the three and smelled the flowers...

And I saw this woman who seemed to be doing the same thing as me.
I waved at her, but she didn't seem to notice...

People were jumping from the cliffs. Isn't that crazy?! I'd never do that!

Well, maybe if there were some delicious pancakes in the sea... some very delicious pancakes, it would have to be!


Sitting on rocks...
I decided I need to work on my tan...
Can you see me?

Back in the car I laid down and relaxed.
Ah, what an adventure!

- Julie!